Pool & Spa Services

CALSOUTH POOL & SPA SERVICES offer residential cleaning and repair service at reasonable prices.

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  • 1.  Clean tile 
  • 2.  Empty skimmer baskets 
  • 3.  Skim debris off surface 
  • 4.  Empty pump basket 
  • 5.  Remove debris from bottom 
  • 6.  Vacuum the bottom 
  • 7.  Brush sides when needed 
  • 8.  Analyze & add necessary chemicals 
  • 9.  Backwash filter as necessary
  • 10. Check equipment for proper operation

CALSOUTH POOL & SPA SERVICES use only chemicals needed to maintain regular service including chlorine, acid, and algae eliminators.

 Additional charges for chemicals will only be applied in maintenance cases of neglect, necessity for chemical bombs, or extreme conditions (i.e., construction debris, misuse, animal/rodent infestation).

Filter sanitation is not included and will be done twice a year typically, Spring and Fall.

Typically, residential pools/spas require filter sanitation every 1-6 months, but may be increasingly necessary during the summer months. 


   NOTE: Most estimates are given "per job"and not "per hour", however, if an estimate is given per hour, it will be billed at a rate of $90 per hour, plus parts (if applicable).  

  • 1. Heaters- Repair Existing or Install New 
  • 2. Filters- Sanitation, Repair, and Replacement 
  • 3. Pumps 
  • 4. Plumbing 
  • 5. Dec-O-Seal
  • 6. Acid Washes 
  • 7. Light Fixtures & Fiberoptic Lights 
  • 8. Start-up services 
  • 9. Automated Systems

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