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CALSOUTH POOL & SPA SERVICES FAQsPeople often experience difficulties with pool or spa equipment, sanitation, water clarity, or chemical imbalances. Please see the following tips below to help answer your questions and determine if additional service, repair, or chemicals are needed by CALSOUTH POOL & SPA SERVICES.

Problem: The water in the pool or spa is cloudy.

Tip: There are several possibilities to explain cloudiness in water.  

  • The most common cause is improper water chemistry. This can happen when chlorine levels are too low, or if Ph (acid) levels are too high. A simple water chemistry test can usually determine if the chemicals are to blame.
  • Cloudy water can also be the result of a filter malfunction. While the filter has become soiled and components of the filter are broken, this may lead to increasingly dirty or cloudy water. Contact your service technician to inspect your filter.
  • Another condition under which water may be murky is related to how long the filter is being run. If poor filtration is the cause, set your time clock to run longer and the water is likely to clear up in about 24 hours.

Problem: The water in the pool or spa is green.  

Tip: Green water typically signifies that the chlorine levels in the body of water are severely lacking.

Do not swim in this water!

A good dose of chlorine should help with the problem, but always perform a water chemistry test to see what is needed to balance the chemicals properly. A dirty filter may also contribute to green water. 

CALSOUTH POOL & SPA SERVICES recommend to have your filter checked and cleaned regularly.  

Problem: There is algae in my pool growing on the walls, steps and floor.  

Tip: When algae is present in a pool or spa it may be due to improper filtration or a lack of chlorine. Algae can be difficult to get rid of, however, CALSOUTH POOL & SPA SERVICESrecommend cleaning the filter and adding chlorine and acid, which should help solve the problem. Use a pool or wire brush to scrub areas where algae is present, and increase filtration time over 24 hours. If walls are stained, you will need an acid wash to remove the surface layer of plaster and remove the stain.

Problem: I've been told I need to drain the pool. Is this true?

Tip: On average, pools need to be drained every 4-5 years, however, there are some exceptions. 

A professional pool technician can test your water for Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). This is all products which are dissolved in the water including chemicals, debris from environment and swimmer waste products. Increased TDS in the water can lead to reduced effectiveness of chemicals, increased algae, cloudiness, scaling, and staining. CALSOUTH POOL & SPA SERVICES recommend draining the pool when TDS levels reach above 2500 parts per million (ppm).

Problem: The pool or spa has been contaminated by fecal matter. Does the pool need to be drained?

Tip: According to the Orange County Health Department, outbreaks of disease have been associated with pool water contaminated with feces or urine. When fecal matter is observed, the pool should be closed immediately and the feces removed. Once the pool has been super-chlorinated and the water has filtered for at least 24 hours, the filters can be backwashed and the pool re-opened. 

It is the policy of CALSOUTH POOL & SPA SERVICESthat prior to re-opening the pool/spa, chlorine levels are re-tested and neutralized if necessary. The same procedure is used when an expired animal is found in the pool or spa. Please contact the Orange County Department of Health and Safety for more information on procedures for contaminated pools.

  • To reduce the likelihood of fecal contamination:
  • Children who are not yet continent should wear a waterproof diaper made for swimming;
  • Children are encouraged to use the restroom prior to entering the pool/spa;
  • Remove shoes when walking in the pool area,
  • Hose off decks into grass areas or drains, and not into the pool/spa,
  • Prevent animals including pets from access to pool/spa areas.

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